Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Crossfitting for the last 3 weeks!

The last 3 weeks have been off-running for me. I've been working on crossfit (www.crossfit.com) for a while now.

Crossfit's promise is broad, general and inclusive fitness. What it means is that the program does not specialise in any one type of fitness and tries to keep the body guessing at all times.

There is a Work out of the Day every day that is brutal. Almost extreme (for me that is) work outs like 400m lunge walk with weights, 150 burpees for time, etc. All sessions are fast and benchmarked against your previous session.

This is also the same kind of workout that the cast of the movie 300 apparently did. Also check out www.gymjones.com. This is the website of the trainer for the "300" cast - Mark Twight. Very intense website - you do not want to mess with these guys whose membership is by invitation only.

After a long time I ran 54 minutes yesterday - and in the evening - here in Hyderabad where I am visitng for Christmas. Ran in the Hitech city area and ran through the campus of a place called Hitex which is a sort of exhibition centre. Dealt with the usual security guards who didnt know how to deal with runners and stray dogs that wanted to defend their territory. On whole however it was a great run - weather was of course superb. December in south India is getting to be great!

The run was medium hard and left me energised. I finished off the days workout with a ladder using the building's stairs. I am on the 5th floor. So the ladder was up one floor, down to the ground, up two floors, back down, up three, back down and so on until I finished all five. I completed the ladder in 4 min 15 secs. Recovery was also quick.

The only thing I am noticing is that I no longer have the patience for a run longer than 30 minutes. I think it is essential that I do atleast two runs that are 30 minutes and 60 minutes plus just to get my mind in sync.

Thats it for now.