Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why Android knocks the socks off the Ipad

1. Syncing with Google contacts

My android phone was setup with my Google contacts in less time than it took for me to enter my username and password. I know that sounds illogical. But my contacts had downloaded to my phone book from Google contacts by the time I configured my email and switched to the phone book. And I have about 2000 contacts.

2. Multiple Google accounts and multiple calendars

I do agree that being from the same stable Android has a distinctive advantage. But damn it works well.

3. Widgets, widgets, widgets

Homescreen widgets make the Android a true personal digital assistant. I've got my calendar in one screen, calls and messages in one, entertainment on one and shortcuts on one. Ipad? Sorry not available!

4. 3rd party keyboards

Typing on the Ipad sucks big time. The smooth screen makes it impossible to type three words in a row right.

On my S2, I started with Swype which is a mind blowing experience the first time you use it. For a while I was convinced I could actually take notes with my phone. Then I discovered SwiftKey. Now that's an application made on a different planet. I actually am taking notes on my phone and in fact typing this post using my phone. Something I would not have even thought of doing with my iPad. And guess what iPad doesn't allow 3rd party keyboards!

5. Flash

This is pretty much known already. You can't beat a device that plays flash with one that doesn't.

In short very happy that I have shifted to android. Go Android!

Until next time.