Saturday, September 5, 2009

Elizabeth Vasanthakumari, Golds and Silver, Rome - Big update!

I've decided to keep my posts short and quick. Just like my running. Now realized that short and quick is a life truth.

Anyway, first off did some pretty interesting running in Rome. Not much - just enough to keep me warmed up. The most interesting aspect of Rome, from a running perspective, was meeting Elizabeth Vasanthakumari. She was part of the 1984 SAF Games Gold medal winning 4x400 team along with P.T. Usha. For having been one of the fastest runners of her time, Elizabeth is extremely humble. Just goes to show that greatness doesn't get into everyone's heads.

Well I came back from Rome, and literally hit the ground running. The evening of the day I landed in Madras, I went to JN stadium for my yearly meet. The rest seemed to have helped. I won golds in 100, 200 and 400. Silver in the 4x100 relay - my team was a little washed out from multiple events. I ran pretty strong. Even the 400 - my favorite event - was a class act. Just goes to show good training can make a duck run.

Anyway, after that event, it was finally time for rest. I took several weeks off. Simply going to the gym and doing some light weights. Not so much for a work out but simply out of habit. It was strangely unsatisfactory. I think it was a case of remorse that my event was now over.

Anyway, I walked into Chicken Pox and that ensured that I was in bed for two weeks. Now its been 5 weeks since I was diagnosed - approximately 3 after I was certified as fully recovered. Just started running again. Managed to do a full 30 minutes yesterday.

Now that thats out of the way, I'll try to post shorter more regular posts.

Until next time.