Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting set for the 100!

The last few weeks have been about getting set for my annual athletic meet on the 21st of June.

Been doing a lot of 40m - 120m repeats and some weight training. Feeling fairly fit. But Im not sure my endurance is where it should be. I feel a lot leaner and feel a little tired. But I expect that should go with the one week rest that begins on Saturday. I will be in Rome for that week but there's going to be no running. A lot of walking but no running whatso ever. So that should bring some life back into my legs.

I bought a new pair of spikes this morning. The previous pair that I had bought thinking I will use it during the meet in December is worn out already. The nails are ground down - almost like football studs and the soul is splitting.

A little concerned that I will have had no experience running with my new pair. But I'll have to wing it. I'll get in one session tomorrow and that has to be enough - not much choice.

So the next post is likely after the event. If I get beaten, I wont post for 6 months until every one forgets that I write a blog and then write as if the meet didnt happen.

Until then.