Saturday, November 1, 2008

Star attraction!

There's been a spate of six packs in the film world ever since Shah Rukh got his. The question on the top of my mind is - Why the hell didnt these guys do it sooner?

I mean its so obvious that a star has to look his or her best and the six pack has been around for ages in Hollywood. And not just the action stars by the way.

My take is that unfortunately our stars - the Shah Rukhs, the Salmans, the Aamirs, the Bachans, etc. are just not athletic. Take a look at Matt Damon in the Bourne movies. He's got a six-pack - but he doesn't look like crap - the way Shah Rukh Khan looks in my previous post on this.

Surya - my claim to fame is that he was my classmate in school! - looks like a body builder. Which is good on a body builder on stage. But for an action star I'd rather have a body like Matt Damon or one of the many guys in the Fight club. Personally I thought Brad Pitt in both Fight Club and Troy was a bit over done.

But my point is simple - there's a difference between an action oriented physique and a show oriented physique. Bollywood doesnt yet get it. (Eg.: Kamal Hassan has 250 inch biceps that pair very well with his 500 inch waist - and he keeps showing it off at every opportunity as well)

Until next time!