Thursday, September 6, 2007

Overtraining and its benefits!

I am now officially overtrained. I have persistent soreness, tiredness, lack of motivation and am generally depressed. Please refer to this entry in Wikipedia for more info on how I feel

There are some benefits to overtraining though. I get a good nights sleep, everyone feels sorry for me and I can eat what I want.

So Im off running for a few days and just enjoying it. I am also changing my schedule to a once every other day rather than every day. I think that would help. Another revelation is that even if I feel like a child my body is 32 years old and there is some wear and tear. Its ability to recover quickly is hampered apparently from the moment it hit 30.

So its time to slow down on the training and maybe up the intensity.

Until next time.


Ravi said...

Good Post ! Also this is the first time I have visited your blog. The layout and feel is good. Keep writing more.

cyberpenguin said...

i concur with ravi, you've got an excellent writing voice. like your blog a lot & have subscribed. i'm also a runner too, so i'm especially enjoying reading your posts. ;-)
good luck with your training,

Sandy said...

Hey Ravi and Cyber!

Sorry for not acknowledging your posts!

I didnt even know there was a comment feature until this morning. Stumbled upong it while trying to make some changes.

Thanks for your comments! Will try to be more regular!