Friday, January 29, 2010

Hacks and race walking

Looks like my blogger account was hacked! So posts extolling the virtues of strange sounding drugs. Rest assured I am not selling them! Thanks to George for pointing it out for me.

In the meantime, my disc prolapse is really killing me. So I have started race-walking. Check out the entry in Wikipedia for what race-walking is.

I can tell you, even though it looks funny, its no where near funny. I have been doing my 200m and 400m repeats while race-walking. What it did do on the first day was chafe my inner thighs pretty badly.

Another thing it did was introduce me to calf muscle torture. Not sure whether thats because of walking or because Im so unfit. Either way started a slow job today. Hopefully my back will sort itself out and I can lose the 3 extra inches on my stomach sometime soon. (Can't seem to lose the extra beers and whiskies though)

Until next time.

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