Saturday, June 28, 2008

Magic 21 today!

I had fantastic 21k today. I started the day somewhat disappointed because I woke up only by 0700 (4 whiskies too many last evening).

So I decided I would go over to the MCC and probably swim for an hour or so. Today was supposed to be my long run day. I usually wear only bath slippers when I go out to swim, but today I decided to wear my shoes. Once I reached there I just couldnt resist a warmup run because the ground was glorious and the sky was overcast.

I ended up running the first 4 laps in 8 mins and then slowly finished another 6 in a total of about 25 minutes. Thats approximately 5k. So I decided I'd hit the ergometer in the gym. I pulled off 5000 meters on the ergo and at a pretty hard effort.

By now I was pretty pumped up and hit the cycle for a 30 minute 10k. That done I jumped into the pool and completed 50 laps (25 m length) to give me a 1k in about 45 minutes.

So that was a total of 21k in 2hrs and 15 minutes! Way better than my 2:21 at the Bangalore midnight half last year!

I must have burnt a gazillion calories today - which of course Im going to quickly put back on later this evening! But I'm still kind of high from today's work out and am thinking that I am pretty much getting ready for the ECR 20k on July 20th.

So until next time.

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