Saturday, December 6, 2008

Disappointments and getting back to training

So I just got a kick in a butt from a friend about updating my blog. Here it is, Shumit.

The major development is that my meet which was scheduled to be tomorrow (Dec 7) has been postponed to Feb 15th. I was pretty disappointed. So much so that I actually ate only junk food for 2 days. (I have to watch this carefully - I think I may have some psychological problems associated with running and keeping fit)

Anyway, I entered this week feeling really tired and worn out. My legs were hurting and my mind was bruised from all the sprinting that I was doing the last several weeks. The rains made it more difficult because I would feel guilty for missing work outs. The sprints were getting laborious. I don't think I was getting faster but I certainly am lighter. I think my kick has now become a lot more powerful. But basically I was tired and fatigued.

So I decided that this week I was going to rest. I slept in the whole week - waking up at 0700hrs - previously I was waking up at 0445hrs.

When I heard that the meet was postponed, I generally let go and ate a lot of chocolate. That was good.

Finally I went out running this morning. Huge difference. I ran upto Pachayappa's college from home - it took me about 3.5 minutes - and I was not panting! So the workouts must have helped.

Today's workout was 450m jog and 10 pull-ups - repeat 5 times. I then did another 3 laps and 10 knees to elbows. I finished up with 3 sets of 10 x 10m shuttle runs.

Felt really good. I'll probably take a few more days off and completely recover before I start again - may be mid next week.

Until next time.


George said...

maan.. shumit beat me to your butt.. the kick was coming Sandy!!!

good to know ur back on the roads..

I seem to hv let the lazy man invade and stay!!

cheers!!! blog on please!!!


Sandy - Rat Race Runner said...

Ha ha - Thanks George. Planning on running with CR one of these days. Hope to run with you.

Shumit said...

Sandy good one..what are knees to the elbows? Jumps and touch your elbows with your knees?

Sandy - Rat Race Runner said...


Knees to Elbows is a stomach exercise. Hang from a pull-up bar and touch your elbows with your knees.


George said...

hey.. sure Sandy.. unfortunately in blr most of the week.. weekends in chennai.. so possibly a sunday run soon...

you have nylon in ur muscles?? maan.. cannot even imagine doing that frm a pullup bar..

cheers!! G