Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is every city in India better than Chennai for running?

I spent the last week at Hyderabad and Vizag. In Hyderabad we were in the Hitec City area. Since it was a Christmas holiday the dominant theme of the holiday was alcohol. So running was not really something I focused on much. But I did get out to run two evenings - once I ran through Hitex - an exhibition area and once just outside the place I was staying in.

What struck me the most were that the streets were so clean and well paved. Maybe because this area is so far out that regular Indians don't live there. Most of the people who live there are sofware types who have travelled abroad and have been confused by the way things are done elsewhere. These people think that garbage has to be put INSIDE garbage bins. I'm sure they will soon realise that that is not the Indian way and garbage needs to AROUND garbage bins.

The roads are also clean and brightly lit. Probably because the roads are less than a couple of years old.

Anyway the running was light and easy. Couldnt do much. Hmmm - wonder if the three quarter bottle of whisky inside me had anything to do with it.

Until next time.


Rajesh said...

We will have to check Tiger for Kakinada!

Shumit said...

you need to update more regularly dude

Jason said...

Very interesting reading. Thanks for your blog.

Samuel Braga said...

I have to keep this article in mind just in case I decide to go there.