Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting Addicted

Posting after a long time because I was eye-deep in work for a bit. Also my work outs have been fairly irregular and inconsistent. May be that's a good thing.

Had a couple of interesting workouts in the last 4 weeks.

One was a parkour course - very beginner - that I went through at Zest Pondicherry. Btw, I highle recommend AGAINST Zest Pondicherry. There was a rat in my room - sitting in our suitcase actually - when we returned from the swimming pool that didnt have the filters running with about 50 people in the pool. Very miserable experience. I couldn't resist that plug because I was most disappointed by that resort and the way they handled the whole mess.

Back to parkour. (Parkour is free running - Akshay Khanna does that in one of the Thums Up ads).

Check out this video on Youtube

So they have this parkour course with about 19 odd stations. They have a path marked by display stones. Each stone shows an exercise and number of repetitions. You have to move (walk or run) from one station to the next completing each of the exercises. Exercises start with simple stretching and go on to more advanced one such as hanging from Roman Rings and twisting your body in circles. (Hard to describe - easier to do and show)

Some movements were tricky. For instance, there is a single horizontal bar set at about 2.5 feet at one end and rising to about 3.5 ft at the other end. You are required to hold the bar, jump over it with straight legs and twist underneath it to return to starting position. 15 reps. It was somewhat nasty.

Took me about 14 minutes to complete the course. Not sure if I did all the exercises correctly. But it couldn’t have been much harder. Over all it wasn’t a great experience but worth writing about.

Since then work again had been keeping me off the work out scene till last week. Ok, not just work. A few important parties - social obligations as they are called. Lots of liquor and unhealthy food. Very dark period of my life.

I've had about 3 sessions of intense circuits in the last couple of weeks. Mostly running 400m, 10 pullups, 10 shoulder presses, repeat 5 times kind of circuits.

Yesterday's WOD from was brutal.

21 Sumo Deadlift High pull
21 Dips
Repeat 5 times for time.

Took me 37 minutes and destroyed my upper back and deltoids. I'm sitting like an ugly insect while I type this. Fortunately today is a rest day. Going to be very aggressive in the gym tomorrow.

My diet has changed quite a bit. (Except for the 4 dark weeks)

0630 - Wake up - Protein drink - Sci-Mx Whey Protein.
0900 - Breakfast - 6 egg whites and two slices of toast with Jam
1230 - Lunch - Brown rice, Sambar/Rasam and vegetables. 1600hrs
1600 - Snack - Protein drink -
1800 - Dinner - Chicken or Fish Salad
2100 - Movie snack - large bowl of ice cream or a bucket of chocolate - my great regret in life

Much leaner now. But body fat percentage stubbornly stays at 16%. I will get my six-pack eventually - or die trying!

So will post again - hopeful soon.

Until next time.


George said...

WOW!!! parkour @ pondy.. awesome. .actually they shd hv a parkour camp post the auroville marathon.. will be good fun. .for newbies. v interesting.. good to see you back

btw.. how do u calculate your fat %age? and when are you going to run a full marathon?

cheers Sandy. George

Shumit said...


Its probably Akshay Kumar no? Good workout it seems...