Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cycling on ECR

Last weekend I stayed over at the MGM beach resort. Naturally I couldnt resist going out on a ride Sunday morning. My friend and I took our cycles on my car and got in Saturday night. We partied somewhat intensely that night. But I managed to get to bed early because the kids had to sleep.

I had such a rough time that night because of my back and the extra soft mattress. Added to that my wife and I had to share the bed with both our kids. Pretty much of a torture for my already screwed back.

Anyway, got up at 7.30 and took off towards Mahabs. We just went about 8 - 9 k upto corocodile bank as we needed to get back in time for breakfast. It was a glorious morning with a slight over cast sky and a even a light drizzle on the way back. ECR is truly scenic in weather like this. Strongly recommend getting out there early in the morning and hitting the bike. Quite an experience.

I was doing 45 second sprint intervals and it was working out really well. My bike was also behaving even though my Hero was a far cry from my friend's firefox.

Quads got a good work out and I burnt some 750 calories.

Overall great experience.

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