Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pain, the whole pain and nothing but the Pain!

Well its Deepavali and Im not running this week. So its a week off from running. Whats more my back is hurting like hell when I wake up. I tried to do a head stand last week and simply threw it right out of alignment. Yes, its as painful as it sounds. I rested the whole of Friday (november 2nd) and went out for a long walk on Saturday - from Chetpet to Besant Nagar beach. Needless to say, my back was not happy.

I then proceeded to do a pushup/situp circuit that evening. If my back had access to the internet, it would have booked tickets out of town and left that very night. Anyway for the last one week I have been groaning and moaning at night because my back tends to freeze up due to the air conditioning I think. The pain is in the upper back between the shoulder blades tending to the right side. I have some exercises from my Ortho which have greatly helped. And the pain is subsiding. I am much better this morning. So lets see how it progresses. If I am not ready to run again by Tuesday, I think I will go and see the doctor.

In any case, the timing could not have been better because it coincided with my rest week. So my running was not really affected. Oh, also, my tooth is singing away like the next American Idol. I think I may need a root canal. But the dentist doesnt want to jump to any major job right away. So Im rinsing my mouth with an antiseptic mouth wash three times a day. Need to observe that too.

Anyway, Tuesday is the deadline for my body to fix itself up. If it doesnt by then am I going to be upset!!?

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