Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shah Rukh Khan and the Six-pack

Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanthi Om Showing his abs
I was poring through my favorite potty reading - Filmfare - this morning, and happened on an article on how Shah Rukh Khan achieved his apparently very fine six-pack that he is displaying in all its glory in the new movie Om Shanthi Om or something of that nature. Not much of a Hindi movie fan, so I wont be surprised if I didnt get the names right.

SRK's six-pack training involved 30 minutes of full body circuit training every day. Much like crossfit or army training. Apparently in less than 6 months he developed a "two pack" and then he popped several fat burner pills. In two weeks, voila!, he had his six pack.

I find that line a little simplistic. But then I have never popped a pill as part of my fitness regime. So I wouldnt know, would I?

If any of you out there have tried fat burner pills do let me know what you think.

In the meanwhile, its full body circuit training for me!

Until next time.


Anonymous said...

Whats the point of a six pack if he smokes like a chimney?

Im amazed that in this day and age people like him choose to kill themselves, while faking a look of being in great shape.

Sandy - Rat Race Runner said...

Hmmm. That is a point. However, SRK's morals are not really in question here are they? Or should they be?

Mohan said...

Sandy, check out this link .

Shumit said...

I don't think I will ever pop pills to get a six pack. Hallucination is a different ball game though.

I really wish SRK got that pack by running would have made a lot more folks to jump in.

Circut training does really make you feel good. I am yet to see if it will help me get a six pack

Sandy - Rat Race Runner said...

Shumit - you said it!

I've never really been one to count on pills to do anything much. Even if it meant fixing a problem. Sometimes I dont complete courses of medication if I am feeling better.

I am certain that running and weight training are enough to get you a six-pack. But since I've never had a six-pack, I could be wrong.

All the best for our training. I shall soon join you for one of your circuits.

Sandy - Rat Race Runner said...

Mohan -

Thank you for that great link!!

I am absolutely thrilled by Josh Hillis' philosophy of training. Very much in line with what I have been thinking but unsure of whether it will work.

Amy said...

Found your blog through CRN - great blog and posts! Something tells me that 6 pack cost alot more than 30 minutes of circuit training and a few pills....if it was as easy as that.

Anonymous said...


funny you think that smoking has to do with morals and a six pack has to do with health. Niether of those are true.

Six packs are cosmetic. To a large extent you are able to achieve six packs if you have the right genetics. Some people can try for ever and they barely show.

My point is this: having a great six pack does not mean you are healthy, it just means you are lean. It means even less if you used drugs to get them.

Smoking on the other hand definitely means you are not healthy.

Both you and Shumit seem to think you can get a six pack from running. Good luck!!

Sandy - Rat Race Runner said...


Looks like you may have misunderstood my response. Six-packs mean different things to different people. And how each one gets their six-packs, provided they want a six-pack, is entirely their choice. My point was whether someone smokes or not is not my business or anyones business other than their own. Im really not interested in judging anyone.

As for whether running will give you a six-pack, do you disagree? Can you elaborate?

Anonymous said...

Sandy, next tme you stand around a group of runner ask them to show you their abs. Chances are, fit as they are, they wont have well defined six packs.

Running wont get you six packs because running doesnt develop your abs.

You get six packs from gym work, sit ups, crunches etc. Most runners dont do these to the degree required to get a six pack.

But I'll let you keep running till you get some.

As for smoking, I would argue that it IS my business, because the people who end up inhaling his smoke prefer not to.

Secondly, like it or not, hes a role model and others imitate his lifestyle.

Unlike you, I have no problem judging smokers.

Sandy - Rat Race Runner said...


Clearly you have strong views - though not necessarily well informed. Thank you for your comments.

Keep visiting.

Anonymous said...


maybe you're the one whos misinformed:;_ylt=AtJYNN2S30doc7aFVapRur0R.3QA

Sandy - Rat Race Runner said...

Anonymous -

By your statement and link are you implying that I think smoking is healthy? Or that I may be misinformed about the ill-effects of smoking?

Wildcard said...

Six-pack abs are a function of one's diet and overall body-fat percentage. Runner's usually don't have six-packs because they are too fat, even the skinny ones. Excessive endurance work promotes too much excretion of cortisol and other catabolic "inflammatory" hormones that actually cause the body to use muscle instead of fat for at least some of its energy expenditure. Look at the difference between track and field sprinters and marathoners. Which have lower BF% (hint: it isn't the latter) which ones train more in terms of volume?? Do the math.

Anonymous said...
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Sandy - Rat Race Runner said...

Anonymous -

Firstly, Im so sorry for your insecurities. So much so that you need to be anonymous. But then I guess if you are being moralistic and judgemental thats the way to do it.

In all of cyberspace if my blog is the only place where you feel you should leave comments of no value, you must be such a, ....whats the word.....loser?!

Well, again if you are going to be

1. Misinformed
Not knowing how running affects body fat composition and thinking that crunches give you a 'six-pack'.

2. Judgemental
Assuming my opinions.

3. Moralistic
Saying that SRK is 'faking'

4. Being a loser
Using profanity inappropriately in a personal blog

I guess the best way to do it is to be anonymous.

Have a great week ahead!

P.S. I removed your post because besides containing inappropriate language, it also contained meaningless blather.

Vinesh said...

I have recieved several emails regarding six packs after the release of the song ‘dardedisco’ in which Shahrukh flaunts off a pretty lean body at the age of 40.

Many of the mails I recieved went like: I am doing 50 crunches (or ABS) a day and not seeing any results.


What is Shahrukh’s secret?

Now before we move on to getting a six pack, which I will make an entirely different post out of, let me just tell what is a six pack to begin with.

Six Packs are visible on people whose fat% is below 12 (10 for some). Why? Because fat which is around muscles is GONE. VANISHED. VROOM. WHOOSH. What remains is the visibility of the muscle.

I would like the skinny guys reading this to understand that they don’t neccesarily have a low bodyfat %.

*If I have a low bodyfat %, will my six pack show?*

Not neccesarily, I mean if the fat leaves there should also be a bit of muscle to flaunt.

Moving on to the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan.

From SRK Himself, we understand he maintained a very low fat, high protein diet and indulged in a lot of toning workouts and cardio.

As well as took up fat burners before flaunting the abs.

So what is his secret? NONE!

The reason it works for him more easily than it could for us is the wee bit of a difference of budget in millionaire him and us.

I mean come on, eating completely right, working out at extremely proper timings requires free time, equipment-nutrition budget and the comfort to lie down for endless hours once he is done working out.

So is it impossible for us to get a six pack? Definitely not but its much harder too, requires major lifestyle changes, a lot of effort and constant motivation.

Anonymous said...

there is no such thing as fat burner pilss.
if you do take them it will probably take you back millions of steps from getting a six pack instead of getting a six pack.
gym work and circuit training is the way everybody does it and the way he probably done it too.