Saturday, April 28, 2007

Groton 10k Road Race coming up

Well, two days to go for the Groton 10k. Ive have started eating larger and larger amounts of food, anticipating a greater than normal burn of calories on Sunday at the race. Not sure if it will really make a big difference. The engine can go only as fast as its capacity. Higher grade fuel does not neccessarily mean a larger faster pace - does it?

We'll see on Sunday. Have stopped running. No running today, and nothing tomorrow. Im going to get a lot of sleep tonight and tomorrow - even during the day if possible. I took a two hour nap this evening. So that should be good. My legs feel good. They are twitching to race. It looks like I might have planned the taper somewhat well - not ideal - but ok for a first race.

We pick up the race packets tomorrow. We are also planning driving the route tomorrow to understand the grades.

Wish me luck.

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