Monday, April 9, 2007

Long run yesterday - to IIT Madras

Yesterday was my second run with Chennai Runners, a group of guys who train for various marathons.

Our route was Dimensions Gym off C.P. Ramasamy road to IIT Madras and a 2.5 mile loop inside which each of us could do as many times as we liked. The run to IIT was uneventful. We were unsure of the reception at IIT as none of us had run there before. In any case, we decided to give it a shot and turn to Anna university in case we had problems getting in. Anyway, as we approched IIT we got strung out a bit and I was the first to hit the entrance. I saw a couple of suspicious guards at the security booth and came up with a quick strategy. I turned up the volume on my Ipod looked the other way and ran through. The guys following (Ravi had just joined us for his first run with us) say that the guard tried to call after me to check if I was a student. I of course could not hear the guard and kept running confident in the knowledge that there was no way the guard would leave his post to chase after me. The plan worked and I was deep inside IIT by the time I realised that the rest of my group was missing.

Apparently they were effectively intercepted at the gate by the same guard who tried to stop me. He demanded an entry pass which none of the guys had. So they paid the requisite obeisance and proclaimed him lord and master of the roads in IIT. Sufficiently appeased, he let them continue with the stern warning that he will not let them in the next time around.

I completed three loops inside to give me a total mileage of 11.84 miles (18.94 Km). So Im getting closer to the half marathon it looks like. This time around I had applied diaper rash cream to my inner thighs so I didnt get chafed like last week. However, my right nipple almost fell off with the t-shirt chafing it!

Other than that hoary experience, it was great running in IIT, reminiscing all the time I've been there drunk or stoned going in for some concert or the other. It was somewhat surreal - lol.

Hope to be running in Mass this week end and in New York next week. I will post a comparison if I can!

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