Friday, April 6, 2007

Its not about the bike!

I am almost done with a great book on Lance Armstrong. Its called "Its not about the bike". I must say its one hell of a book.

Its great because it really inspires and pushes you to try and do some thing right away. It also gave me a complex about my cycling. I recently participated in a cycle rally and covered 30 km in a pathetic 1 hour and 10 minutes (I defend myself saying I had no training and what not). The Tour riders do 30 Km uphil in some surreal 25 minutes!

And to think that this guy went from 40% chance of survival to 7 continuous tour victories! Its mind boggling. Check out this great video of Lance speaking at the ESPY awards -

and here's one of the god climbing the Sestriere in 1999 -

Definitely read the book guys. Its a whole new perspective on what the human mind and body can do.

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