Monday, October 27, 2008

Raw speed and everything is raw!

Today I started my raw speed training phase. I spent all of last week getting ready. Last week's workout was mainly conditioning weights. Of course, more weights than running because of the weather. But I basically conditioned with a lot of high rep/high speed kind of weight training for the shoulders, upper arms and legs. So today I went in to the track at SDAT with some strength built in. However, I also went in with 5 whiskies and several unhealthy cocktail samosas as my energy source. Bad, bad, bad.

Todays workout started with a 10 minute warm up jog - the entire work out today was on spikes by the way. The main deliverable for today was 150m x 2 x 3 with full recovery between sets. No recovery between reps - just the time it takes to walk back the 150m. Shumit gave me company and ensured that I finished the workout.

I hit 150m on the first rep and was already winded. The second rep ended at 120m with several muscles screaming for a complete shutdown. After that first set, I made the mistake of chatting with my friend and that also hampered my recovery. The second set was similar. First rep good, second burnout at 120-130. By now a boy who was watching us joined in. He kept screwing up my rythm by running across me from his lane (far one) to the closest lane to the field.

Anyway after the second set I was all ready to throw in the towel. Shumit however ensured that that didnt happen and pushed me to finish my quota.

Thanks Shumit!

I managed to run the last two with a great deal of rest before I started the final set.

Came home, showered and took the family out to brunch. From the time we left the house my thighs have been screaming daggers. Never felt this whupped before. Fortunately today is a holiday and I can get some sleep.

Until next time.

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Shumit said...

Always am glad to push you Sandy. You did a great job the other day after 5 whiskeys. Hope you come with with all the medals this time !!!