Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Resting to pick up speed!

I’ve got to write a book about ‘Rest’. Im doing so much of it that I must be really good at it.


My break from working out started two weeks ago when we headed out to Nagercoil for a holiday. Decided I would rest completely. Took my running shoes along and managed a short run around the place where I was staying. Got into Scot Christian College that is next to my host’s house and ran inside their campus. Not a great campus but the view around the horizon with the hills was fantastic. Then I played a game of the most awful tennis of my life. Fortunately the guys I was playing with were indulgent and excused several of my moves on court. By the end of the game however, I had picked up a little of the game. My old tennis muscles seemed to be there somewhere hidden.


That was two weeks ago. I came back got on a round of anti-biotics because of an ant bite that blew up my left arm like a balloon. For a while I enjoyed presenting my profile and saying “I’ll be back” like the Gubernator! But it got a little to irritating with the itching and all. So the last week was spent wallowing in self pity about how I was weak and drained by the powerful drugs.


Effectively killed two weeks of October. But I have been eating well. 5 boiled eggs and fruits for breakfast, brown rice for lunch and various types of proteins for dinner – roast chicken, panneer rolls, etc. Not much alcohol. Losing some weight.


Tried out my legs today with a one mile run and then 4 x 100yard fast strides. Felt good. Went into the gym and did some weight training for the arms and shoulders. Used very light weights and fast movements – about 25 to 30 reps each set. Barbell presses, dumbbell flyes and bicep curls. Finished up with a slow walk.


My shoulders are a little sore and I expect they will be very sore tomorrow. But I think I will be able to do atleast a 5 k tomorrow.


All of October and November will be speed work in preparation for December 7th. Let’s see how it goes!


In the meantime, Josh Hillis continues to impress. Check out his latest article on lingerie and animal ears :-D


Until next time.

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